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By Gajan Tharmabalan

We are proud to finally launch our projects page. There was a lot of thinking gone into whether we'd publish all our work or simple stick to the new. Ultimately, we aim to provide a mix of both. On our Projects page will grow to include mainly our newest work and some select images from our older catalogue. Our goal is to create and publish work that is in line with the BOKEHinc brand and mission.

The current structure on the Projects page is built around showcasing 3-5 galleries optimally. As the collection grows, it's very possible, if not guaranteed  that the layout will change. Ultimately, we hope to remove the web element so the imagery stands on its own.

Our sincerest thanks to Manal and Christine for modelling and makeup, respectively. It was our pleasure to work with such awesome talent on this project and furthermore,  launch our most important page with Forces of Arabia. We look forward to working with you guys again!