Tim Ferris has a knack for sharing some very insightful, and often glossed over, advice that can really improve your quality of life. In one of his recent entries, he tackles the ever-prevalent anxiety attacks. While some may experience this in more extreme cases than others, there's no denying that we can find ourselves in a position where inanimate objects or irrelevant deadlines can have power over us. With some active involvement, Tim and his guest assert that you can cure anxiety. This is quite a bold statement, but the tips shared here seem to have some great meaning to them. One of my favorite tips listed is the following:

Unplug From All Sources Of News When I made the commitment to cut the news out of my life completely — no TV, no conspiracy sites or “truth deliverer” blogs, ignoring / blocking every sensationalist link I came across on social media, etc. — my anxiety plummeted in less than two weeks. The negative information I removed from my conscious awareness freed me from the confines of other people’s frightening narratives.

While most may not admit it, we all deal with stress and anxiety in some form or another. And the anecdotal tips written here may deliver a positive impact in our personal lives. Check out the post in full and try to see if you can takeaway anything that'll kick your anxiety to the curb.

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