Alexandre Buisse sat down with the great team at PetaPixel to shed some light on how he, and you, can find the clients that bring the best out of you. There are a lot of great nuggets of advice in this post, namely this excerpt here:

A key element in my marketing strategy is the newsletter I send out every six weeks. It’s a lot of work since I always try to write interesting and relevant content to summarize what I have been up to since the last issue, but it’s always worth it to keep myself at the forefront of people minds. I’ve had numerous clients tell me that they really enjoyed reading it, so it’s definitely something I will keep doing.

It is always interesting to see how certain artists maintain engagement with their clients and fans alike. Alexandre shows a lot of poise in how methodical he is with his business. Give the entire interview a read and see if you can take away anything for your own creative work.

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