By Gajan Tharmabalan

It's Monday and that can only mean that it's time for the Weekly Recap. Hopefully you can take some time out of your Family Day to catch up on all of the goodness from last week. If you can't make the time to visit the BOKEHinc as often as you'd like, this post is for you. Every Monday, we rundown all the posts we featured in the last week on BOKEHinc. Be sure to check them all out and start your week off with a creative bang.

Watch This: The Lion Whisperer


There are times where you will see something and can't help but be amazed because it it goes against what your primate brain deems to be logical. Case in point, this video where Kevin Richardson literally spends a day with a group of lions. You cannot watch this video and say that these beasts don't have a sense of understanding. Created as an ad for GoPro, Kevin really brings us up close to wildlife in a way you've never witnessed before. Now, how about that live adaptation of The Lion King?

View This: Moist Production


Collecting toys is a hobby that is commonly associated with adults, as opposed to children. And with these creations from Moist Production, it doesn't look like that trend is going to change. What we have here is a set of sculptures based on some of pop culture's most iconic characters, which are then given the x-ray treatment. What would Mario and Mickey Mouse look like anatomically? Sure, most people don't ask that question, but here is a gallery that would answer that question regardless. Enjoy.

Read This: Three Keys To Thinking Like A Creative Genius



Originally proposed by Maria Konnikova, a Harvard psychologist, there is a science behind thinking at a high level of creativity. Sure, the term genius is thrown around quite loosely nowadays (i.e. Apple), but that shouldn't impede us from trying to achieve a mental thought process that is at an extremely high level. The basis behind her research is to find out how we can create more of those *A ha!* moments naturally. This is a great read, and we highly recommend you go through it before your next brainstorming session.

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