By Gajan Tharmabalan

It's Monday and that can only mean that it's time for the Weekly Recap. If you can't make the time to visit the BOKEHinc as often as you'd like, this post is for you. Every Monday, we rundown all the posts we featured in the last week on BOKEHinc. Be sure to check them all out and start your week off with a creative bang.

Watch This: BTS With Pacific Rim


Pacific Rim should serve as a template for any good monster movie. As a director, you can choose to be more or less dramatic, but this is template to which all great monster movies should be built upon. Now that I got that out of my system, take a look behind the scenes to see what it took to build an epic battle in Tokyo. Long story short: it takes a lot of attention to detail.

View This: Aerial Abstracts


When we think of the African savannah, a palette of exotic colours may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, this is exactly what Zack Seckler captures over rich landscapes of Botswana. Zack does a great job of capturing colour and shapes in this impressive set of images. Also, be sure to check out his portfolio for more great work.

Read This: The Science of Motivation


How do we motivate ourselves? How does that feeling of near indomitable will come to be? This post by Kevan Lee looks at the real science behind motivation. While the content of this post may not actually improve your motivation, understanding how it works may have some positive effect on your life. It's a bit lengthy, but if you had a shot at being able to control your motivation level through a deeper level of understanding, wouldn't you?