By Gajan Tharmabalan

Anyone close to me has often heard about my addiction to a biphasic sleep cycle. I am one of those people that sleep for a few hours, wake up and do some work, and then go back to sleep again for a couple hours more. On average, I land 5 to 6 hours of solid sleep a night. I've been doing this for the better part of a year now, without any noticeable detriment to my health. With this rhythm, I get an extra month of useable time a year compared to a person that sleeps 8 hours a night. That a lot of extra fucking time!

There are many people that will even push their sleep periods down to 4 hours a night. This technique is only possible by breaking your sleep into short periods of quality sleep. It's all about attaining a great quality of sleep, as opposed to sheer quantity. This article by Andrew Torba, writing for Medium, talks about polyphasic sleep cycles and its effectiveness. It's a good primer if you're interested in freeing up more of your time.

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