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By Gajan Tharmabalan

On Friday, we posted an article from the Chase Jarvis blog that highlights the concept of failure. While some are quick to dismiss failure as defeat, to do that would be disrespectful to our efforts. There is a lot to be learned even in failure. Arguably, you may learn more from failure than success.

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There's a plethora of wedding photographers, and from that pool a subset of photographers that specialize in South Asian weddings. It's very easy to go from one to another and see the the cookie-cutter mentality in full effect: subject in focus, background in blur. However, every so often you'll come across some talent that really stands above everything else. Taras Taraporvala pushes the envelope and really delivers some inspirational shots that you just don't see in typical wedding photography.

View This: Grazia India Shot By Taras Taraporvala


Last up, we have the nausea-inducing short, Plain Sight. Strip away the colour, and you have something that resembles an acid trip. That's probably what makes this video hypnotic and hard to look away from. It embodies surrealism in the truest form and commands your attention. If you haven't yet, be sure to give Plain Sight a view.

We hope you enjoyed last week's content. The new year is here, and we have even more great work to share. Be sure to stay connected at our site and social channels. Cheers.