By Gajan Tharmabalan

While many, myself included, accept Sunday as the start of a new week, I have made an arbitrary decision to include our Sunday features in the following Weekly Recap. That being said, go ahead an enjoy the teaser for our next project, Winter Elite. I get a lot of feedback that these teasers are too damn short, and how viewers want to see more. Well, submitting to these demands would defeat the purpose of a teaser! Our goal at BOKEHinc is to generate some hype and interest before each project. But I won't lie, we really do enjoy it when people froth at the mouth to see what we have planned next.


We kicked off our weekly round of posts with this epic video sequence from the team and Main Road Post. It showcases some grand battle scenes and then proceeds to dissect them to their polygonal core. If you missed it the first time, take a good look this time and enjoy.


Car photography is a competitive niche, but when you composite something like the image above, you're sure to stand out. That's exactly what Fabian Oefner did for the group at M.A.D. gallery. The biggest surprise of all was that this project didn't require a real car at all. Everything was put together with scale models that were photographed hundreds of times over. It would be criminal of you to not view the gallery in its entirety!

Lastly, we included a post that would almost guarantee an exponential increase in your ability to take a better photograph. While many don't have the luxury of studio quality lighting in their homes, simply understanding how light works can really make a difference in what gets saved on your memory cards. It's a lengthy read, especially when most of the internet refuses to read, but it's chockfull of great insight.

There it is, the recap of everything you may have missed from our last week. Be sure to stay connected with our social channels to find out when new content is up. If it isn't apparent already, Sundays are when our features are posted, so pay special attention then. Enjoy.