By Gajan Tharmabalan

I'm not going to convince you to stop drinking your caffeinated beverages. Personally, while I do enjoy them, I don't nee d them to get work done. The article I've linked to today highlights several things you can do to boost you energy and get motivated without having to rely on caffeine drinks. Lifehacker does a great job of curating tips for streamlining your daily regiment, and this post is no different. Take some time to read this article, but I also challenge you to employ some of these techniques and see if you notice a difference. Of all the techniques mentioned, this has to be my favourite:

Meditate: The mind is a powerful tool. It’s been proven that visualization exercises can help bring you closer to achieving your goals. A recent Miller-McCune article discusses the many benefits of meditation. Next time you’re feeling zapped for energy, try this simple exercise: sit on a chair with your back straight and your hands on your knees. Close your eyes and envision yourself feeling positive and energized. Take deep breaths and keep your posture strong. Before long, you’ll have an increased sense of mental and physical awareness.

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