By Gajan Tharmabalan

Okay, so this is a little left-field compared what normally gets thrown up for the Friday Read This feature, but I assure you that it's necessary. I'd like to address a growing epidemic of young adults not knowing how to wear a tie. This is a damn disgrace. GUYS! There are some pretty basic rules to pulling off a proper shirt-and-tie combination. I will admit, that I was once a lost soul when it came to pairing the right shirt with the right tie. It's not easy. But with proper guidance, I have seen the light. Recently, I came across a great infographic that breaks down how these pairings work. Please take a few minutes to understand that there are some visually-appealing rules to the classic shirt and tie. If you already know how to wear a tie, than do the world the favor and pass this graphic to another person in need. Enjoy!

Original source found here.