By Gajan Tharmabalan


I hate wasting time. I hate when others waste my time. Also, I hate when I waste other peoples' time! I'm a die-hard when it comes to automating redundant tasks and truly getting things done with minimal resistance. Often, making the decision to even take action on something ends up wasting a lot of time. In this article by Jocelyn Glei, there are 5 simple concepts that you can practice to really improve how you make the decisions you do. My favourite from the entry is as follows:

Gathering additional information always comes at a cost. We’re better off setting our criteria for making a decision in advance (as in, “I’ll make the call once I know X, Y, and Z”). Once you have that information, make the choice and move on.

It's a very easy read and hopefully, will lead you to salvation. Or, at the least, some extra time on your hands to waste on something else.

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