By Gajan Tharmabalan

It's been a month since our official launch, and we couldn't have imagined all the positive feedback we've gotten. While we have been doing projects for a some time now, it was very important to us to have a strong social platform behind our company. Not to simply promote our work, but a reliable set of mediums to connect with clients, fans, and other creatives. It has been only one month, and the response has been far greater than we expected. To celebrate, we thought we'd share some numbers with you guys.


Likes and Shares across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


Unique pageviews served from our website to you


Combined Followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

With everything that we have going on, the one thing that continues to guide us is the idea of bringing focus. Our venture to create and deliver unique material is just beginning. While these numbers pale in comparison to other brands in our niche, it serves as a reminder that a couple of years ago, even with the work we were doing, we started from zero. That's a number we won't forget.