Travel light and comfy.

By Vishaal Patel

Where my buddy Gajan has the tendency to carry just about everything he may need to get work done, I prefer traveling a little more minimalistic. Comparatively speaking. My method is to not push work into completion, but journal information and inspiration that may lead to great results. This mentality is shown through my essentials. Enjoy.

1. Tom Ford prescription glasses: The Fords are my everyday glasses. I wanted a pair that could match my bold personality and reflected who I am creatively. The Ray-Ban sunglasses are for those sunny, Toronto days..

2. Business Cards: Be ready at all times. You never know when an opportunity will come knocking at your front door. The cards will always leave an impression. Hopefully a good one.

3. Moleskine Notepads: No battery? No problem!  Theres a satisfaction in being able to jot new ideas at any time without worrying about how much battery life I have left. These books are so useful, I carry two. The Star Wars themed one is an ode to my fascination with the (original) movies. A set of films that were ahead of their times. Which often reminds me of the ideas Gajan and I have in store for BOKEHinc.

4. Nikon D7000+24-70mm f2.8: This camera allowed me to get my feet wet with photography. While it isn't the full-frame beasts we use for our shoots, the minor limitations of the camera really helped me improve my technical skills as a photographer. The quality here is ample for behind-the-scenes coverage, video, and overall, documenting my adventures. The 24-70mm is my go-to lens for just about everything I document. It's very versatile, and built like a tank. Which comes in handy when your in a mosh pit of raging 20-somethings.

5. Coffee/Latté: Caffeine is my drug of choice. These miracle concoctions are a staple in my daily routine, and dare I say, a necessity. It's the spark plug that get's my mind roaring no matter what the day ahead of me entails.

6. iPhone 5 / Supreme Case: Ever since I made the switch to iOS, my personal and business lives have gotten a lot more efficient. This is my main gadget that connects me with just about everyone and thing important in my life. Plus, it serves as an awesome distraction when in your waiting in line.

7.  Fuel Band/Mala: The Nike FuelBand serves as a reminder of the work I've done, and the motivation to go further each and every day. Competition can be a hell of a motivator to get off your ass. The Mala is my tie to my Hindu roots. It serves as a constant reminder of where I came from.

8. BMW 3-series: Having grown up in the heart of Toronto, I commuted for the large portion of my existence. But I knew that when I got my first ride, she was going to be a looker. This is my baby. I don't buy into the whole materialism movement of showboating your worth. This is just my toy for the kid at heart.

9. Unibody MacBook: At first glance it may seem like an upgrade is due, but this machine keeps purring away. Sure, I can purchase something that will allow me to get things done faster. But the sheer quality in the manufacturing of these laptops gives me the option to save that money and use what I have for years to come. Knock on wood!

10. Michael Kors Watch: This was a gift for my 25th birthday and outside of the importance in that alone, wearing a watch is a pseudo-reminder about the time that has come and gone. Learning from the time that has passed, to relish in the moment, in an attempt to shape the future. Stick that in your fortune cookie.

11. Jordan 3's True Blue: I wouldn't consider myself a sneakerhead, but I have a great appreciation for the Jordan 3's. By far, the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, which comes in handy when your spending eight to ten hours a day shooting. The only downside of having an interest in this type of shoe, is that you're not able to go into a store and just buy them. You know, like how it used to be? That's phenomena is credited to the Hypebeast-hipster movement. What to do.