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By Gajan Tharmabalan

Going forward, we'd like to summarize our past week's posts every Monday morning. This gives you guys an opportunity to quickly catch up on some of the best of BOKEHinc, in one shot. First, we have the awesome behind-the-scenes video, Drifting Away. If you love seeing the creation of a piece of art from the beginning, you're going to love this.

Watch This: Drifting Away

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Next, Ben Hassett shows us how simple it can be to showoff your models. Skip the exotic locations and fancy wardrobes. Just get in close and let the models speak for themselves.

View This: Ben Hassett Gets Up Close


Lastly, we got a good read on how a few changes in your posture can dramatically change your mood. Namely, you can improve your self-confidence just be standing a certain way. Sounds crazy, but don't knock it until you try it!

Read This: Body Postures For Improved Self-Esteem

Beauty and the Beast-Small.jpg

Hope you guys enjoyed the rundown. I have to say, Drifting Away was my favourite post of the week. That video showcases how much work goes into creating a single great image. Be sure to stay connected for more great content to come.