By Gajan Tharmabalan

If you've never heard of the the Art of Manliness blog, you're missing out. While it's aimed at the less evolved sex, the blog does provide some great advice for just about any soul looking to improve their way of life. One of the posts that stood out to me is the following. Starting a business is not easy. And this post does not teach you everything you need to know by any means, it does a good job of outlining important themes if you wish to be successful. My favorite excerpt is the following:

Lesson #1: Be Necessary. If I’d sold can-koozies at the game, I have a hunch that I would have had far less success. Why? Because people needed a cold drink, not a holder for one. In my experience, I’ve learned that there are two types of business ideas: 1) “It would be nice if” ideas, and 2) ideas that make necessary things better.

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