By Gajan Tharmabalan

We are very reluctant to share tutorials on this site, because truthfully, there are many other sites that aggregate this content much better than we ever hope to. However, when I came across this post on Photofocus, I felt like it had to be shared. The author, Damien Lovegrove, goes into detail about using two light sources to create great work. While a lot can be achieved by a single light source in photography, the potential is exponentially increased when you introduce another light source. The problem that many photographers have is that they use two lights, and just flood the scene. The problem here is that the imagery may come out a little flat. Using two lights effectively can provide great depth and a cinematic feel to your work that will truly make it stand out. Make sure to read the entire post and see if you can incorporate any of these techniques into your workflow.

Original source found here.