By Gajan Tharmabalan

Pixar is one of the few companies that went from relatively unknown, to Oscar-calibre talent house. While there are many stories that document their meteoric rise to success, some of the best come out of the actual artists that work within the company. I came across this article by Leo Babauta that documents 8 creativity lessons from Bernhard Haux, a Character Technical Director at Pixar. Be sure to go through the entire list and see what really hits home with you. My favorite excerpt is as follows:

Art is your particular telling of reality. When we talked about letting go of preconceived ideas and drawing what you actually see, Bernhard compared it to a night out with one of his friends. While Bernhard might just recount that night by saying, “We went out and had some food and went home”, his friend might have noticed a lot of interesting details that Bernhard didn’t, and tell a story with those details in a way that’s interesting and hilarious. Same experience, different interpretation, different details.

Original source found here.