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By Gajan Tharmabalan


I often find myself answering the same group of questions about the BOKEHinc brand on a daily basis. Now mind you, I never get tired about talking about our group or our plans for the future. However, I decided to create a post that would be easy to link to for anyone that I don't have the pleasure of talking at length to. Cheers.


What is BOKEHinc?

For advertisers and promoters who need impactful imagery to communicate their message, BOKEHinc is a commercial and event photography group that provides a reliable experience with powerful results.


What does BOKEHinc mean?

Bokeh, as avid photographers may know, is a Japanese term that refers to the area out-of-focus in an image; that pleasing blur. The inc is not meant to be literal. We are not incorporated. However, we use the two terms in conjunction. BOKEHinc refers to the concept of being in the business of capturing moments often unseen.


Okay, but what makes you different?

Unlike other photographers in this niche, our key difference is to truly understand our partners and convey that understanding through our photographs. We have a passion for the process and stress the details. At BOKEHinc, we make pictures.


Now where are you based out of?

Both my partner and I operate out of Toronto. This city is a great source of inspiration, not to mention our home. However, we also pride ourselves in having a large amount of international experience. Whether it's a wedding in Sri Lanka, or street photography in England, our work takes us all over.


Why should I trust you?

At the core, every project we undertake is a representation of ourselves. Every set of images we create is our work. We put everything we can into each project. Furthermore, their is a fundamental understanding that the results are a reflection of ourselves. In doing so, we would never discuss, create, or promote pieces that we wouldn't stand behind personally.


What is this journal thing all about?

There are copious amounts of photography blogs, let alone photographers, that span the globe. Here, we don't aim to write about photography. The BOKEHinc journal is for photographers. Most of our posts are links to inspirational material from other artists. However, we aim to have 10-20% of our content give insight on our work. This includes such things as:

  • Workflows - simple and useful tips
  • Behind the scenes - self-explanitory
  • Impressions - pseudo-reviews
  • Productivity insights - maximizing your creative self
  • Videos - promotional material
  • Mistakes we make - honesty in a pure form

There is no strict guideline in place. The reason being is that, over time, the site will grow with our tastes. If you are a fan of photography, then you should be following this site!


How can I follow you?

Great question! You can, of course, include this site in your favourite RSS aggregator. Also, please be sure to follow our Twitter account here. Our Facebook page is being pieced together and can be reached here.

As the site fruitions, we'll have a YouTube and/or Vimeo channel in place. Furthermore, since we live in such a mobile age, we'd be silly not to have an Instagram account in the works specifically for BOKEHinc.

Thank you for your support. Make sure to visit often!