Working. Always working.

By Gajan Tharmabalan


Since I'm testing the various means to update the blog, I figured I should take the opportunity to give an update to any of those (few) that are wondering where is BOKEHinc at right now.

The blog infrastructure is just about complete. The team is planning several new shoots to grace our homepage. At the end of the day, BOKEHinc is the opposite of stagnation. Being a Be Water Innovations sub-brand (more on this later), one of our goals is to maintain a constant feeling of progression and adaptation.

Aside from the pursuit of new imagery, we are hard at work at getting business certified. At the end of the day, 'you ain't a business, unless you a business.'

It's hard to put a timeframe on when all this will be complete. Actually, it's pretty damn easy to put a timeframe, but it's a whole different story to meet those deadlines. At this point, we are enjoying the creative process, and can't wait to deliver!

BOKEHinc. Shipping soon?

Shipping soon!